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Safety at Total Source Ltd

Total Source Ltd has an extensive range of top quality safety brands. Browse our extensive catalogue of products today to discover what brands and products we can offer to suit your safety needs.

Total Source understands the importance of personal protection. For eye protection the following brands are stocked on our website; Infield Safety, Makita, Pyramex Safety. Head, Face Hand and Ear protection are also covered with a variety of welding, shooting and forestry safety equipment on our website or by requesting a company catalogue.

The safety range at Total Source features the best safety shoes as well as safety boots to suit all prices ranges and budgets in Ireland. Mens, womens and childrens safety footwear available to browse today online. Visitor safety shoes are stocked by the brand Tiger Grip. Total Protect Plus Antislip overshoes have safety toe cap and puncture resistant midsole. Giasco and Safety Jogger wellingtons. If your work involves prolonged periods in standing water or wet grass, and your need protection to EN345, then safety wellies are your best bet.

Company and builder work wear has changed dramatically in recent years. It is now possible to be safe while also comfortable and stylish at your workplace. Some of the Safety Workwear stocked by Total Source are Dassy, DeWalt and TSL Approved. Our range of workwear includes low cost and hi visibility clothing. Female workwear and safety accessories are also available. View our wide range of workwear in stock today such as; Trousers, Jackets & Body Warmers, Hi-Vis Clothing, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Waterproof Clothing, Fleeces, Ladies Workwear, Overalls, Polo Shirts & T-Shirts and Shorts.

Home and Office protection are also covered by Total Source Ltd. We stock a range of locks, padlocks, safes and other security products.
Storage & Spill Containment products increase your own personal protection and that of your co-workers. Storage & Spill Containment, Absorbents, Safety Cupboards, Safety Cans, Spill Trays, Spill Kits, Drum Handling, Drum Accessories and Pumps.

Total Source stocks Matting & Anti Slip Products for a variety of workplace areas. The uses of this floor matting are Hygiene, Dry Area Matting, Wet Area Matting, VDE Floor Matting, Anti Fatigue and Switchboard Matting.

Total Source is your one stop shop for all you need for safely introducing/ improving a Barrier System & Traffic Control. The vast range of products stocked for road and traffic safety include; Traffic Barriers, Corner Warning and Protection Profiles, Dome Mirror, Surveillance Mirror, Fencing, Road & Traffic Control, Speed Bumps, Mirrors, Cones and Spring Back Barriers.

A huge range of safety signs and labels are available online at Total Source Ltd. Safety Signs, Labels, Warehouse Identification and Printers. Safety Signage brands stocked are Beaverswood, Brother, Durastripe, Master Lock, TSL Approved among others.

Fall Arrest & Lanyards are also one of the safety products stocked by Total Source Ltd. Safety Harnesses are in stock at all times in several variations such as adjustable, 3 piont harness or 1 piont harness.

Trust a preferred supplier of protective gear in Ireland by obtaining your safety products from Total Source Ltd today.

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