Total Source - your online industry equipment supplier is Ireland's industry equipment supplier since 2005 and proudly Irish owned. Your one-stop shop for manufacturing, industry, and tradesmen's tools is right here. So whether you're from the electronic, engineering, medical, or pharmaceutical industry, or simply a DIY-enthusiast, look no further. We'll supply you with items singly or in bulk and you'll get 5% off your first purchase!

Shop Over 40,000 Product Lines & Massive Tools Range

Instead of buying different products in various places, we act as a single source supply, saving you time, money, and energy. With over 40,000 product lines to choose from including top brands like Dassy, DeWalt, and Pyramex, you're sure to find what you need. We also offer competitive prices to ensure you get the best deal! We stock a massive range of hand tools for all kinds of work. Check out our pliers, spanners, wrenches, files, saws, scissors, cutters, and much more. Our VDE insulated tools are safe to use for various work like electrical, thermal, mechanical, radiological, toxicological, and more. Or if you work up high, check out our huge range of anti-drop tools, designed to keep you safe and prevent injuries. If you're just starting work or need to replace old tools, take a look at our tool sets of various sizes.

Stay Safe At Work

Our safety workwear includes hi-vis clothing, flame retardant clothing, and more. Shop jackets, trousers, overalls, fleeces, t-shirts, lab coats, and more. Many of our jackets are windproof and waterproof, so you can stay warm in the elements. Our workwear is also very comfortable, with many pieces being flexible for more freedom of movement. They also feature many different pockets to hold your tools. Have a look at our safety shoes as well including toe-capped boots. We also stock safety goggles, face shields, ear muffs, gloves, and more to protect your eyes, face, ears, and hands. Or check out our first aid kits, cupboards, and supplies. To keep your building safe, have a look at our safety signs, labels, anti-slip matts, barriers, spill containment, lockable storage, and more.

Shop Lab Equipment, Storage Solutions & More

Check out our vast range of cleaning equipment to keep your space clean and safe. Shop vacuum cleaners, mops, dispensing units, and more. Our ultrasonic cleaning machines and fluids are excellent for cleaning jewellery, surgical instruments, industrial tools, and more. We also stock head covers and beard covers, essential for personal hygiene. Or if you need lab equipment, check out our beakers, funnels, scoops, and more. We also have a wide range of shelving, including wire and steel shelving and more. Our cupboards, safes, and lockers are ideal for keeping valuables safe and come in a range of sizes. We also have storage bins and boxes, tool chests and trolleys, and more. If you need packaging items, we have everything from pallet wrap and pallet strapping to tapes and sealers. Or if you need furniture, check out our workstations, footrests, seating, and more.

Shop Material Handling, ESD Equipment & More

For moving goods around the warehouse, our pallet trucks, bin trucks, shelf trolleys, and more come in very handy. We also have lift tables, stackers, tiedowns, and straps, perfect for lifting goods. To access those high up areas, check out our variety of ladders in different sizes. As for measuring equipment, take a look at our scales, torque testers, thermometers, voltage testers, and more. Our ESD equipment is suitable for use in electrostatically-sensitive environments, such as surgery theatres, computer repair shops, vehicle plants, and more. Check out our ionisers, cleaning chemicals, ESD clothing, and more. We also have a great selection of assembly aids, designed to make assembly safer, faster, and easier. We stock flashlights, inspection equipment and mirrors, tweezers, extractors, and much more.

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If you have a business, our online B2B account is a no-brainer. When you sign up, you'll receive discounted pricing, detailed stock levels, a quick order option, and many more benefits. Just fill out our simple form online and it'll only take up to 3 days to create your account! We ship worldwide and if you're in Ireland or the United Kingdom, you can get free shipping when you spend over €49.99 + VAT. We make delivery as easy as possible by emailing you delivery updates and options to track your delivery. Call us on +353 (0) 91 388 800 for more information or help with your purchase. Our customers love our fast delivery service. Check out our 5 star reviews on TrustPilot to find out more!