HEUER Standard Engineers Bench Vice

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  • HEUER Standard Engineers Bench Vice
  • HEUER Standard Engineers Bench Vice
  • HEUER Standard Engineers Bench Vice
  • HEUER Standard Engineers Bench Vice
  • HEUER Standard Engineers Bench Vice
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The HEUER bench vice is a tool of the highest quality. Made purely of steel of guaranteed robustness. On account of its supreme individual components it overwhelms totally - with its reliability, durability and precision.

The drop-forge clamping jaw for example - recently series produced as standard - makes our flagship product so robust that we can guarantee its indestructibility.

Because of its narrow drop-forged guides, it offers an enhanced clamping depth. Internal dual-prism guide track design offers optimal protection against damage and fouling. Large track guide surfaces assure constant, smooth functioning of the guide rails, fully machined to guarantee precision when working on sensitive workpieces.   

A further advantage is the protected precision spindle bearing, the covered galvanised spindle with double-action, rolled trapezoid thread, as well as the easily adjustable, centrally located guide. This construction creates the high level of precision.

The spindle design also ensures higher strength due to cold forming, low surface roughness on the thread flanks and in the base radius as well as reduced notch sensitivity. Electro-galvanising protects the spindle against corrosion.

The spindle keys with riveted safety rings made of steel afford the required safety. An anvil is integrated in the rear jaw.     
The HEUER vice is a prime example of reliability and durability on account of its high quality and well-thought-out workmanship. Ideal for rough conditions in the workshop. And "Made in Germany".

  1. Zinc spindle key with riveted safety rings made of steel
  2. Drop-forged front jaw
  3. Protected precision spindle bearing
  4. Surface-hardened clamping jaws
  5. Slim but stable guide tracks (drop-forged) provide greater clamping depth
  6. High and optimally distributed clamping force due to centrally arranged and electro-galvanised spindle with double-action, rolled trapezoidal thread for high strength and corrosion protection.
  7. Hardened pipe-gripping jaws as production standard
  8. Drop-forged rear jaw with specially-formed anvil (100: 42x38 mm; 120: 49x47 mm; 140: 61x55 mm; 160/180: 72x68 mm)
  9. Strong, forged spindle nut
  10. Drop-forged guide plates
  11. Guide adjustable by centrally located screw
  12. Internal dual-prism guide track preventing fouling and damages. Large track surfaces fully machined to guarantee precision and long service life
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