Hydroflex Black


High Performance for Cleaner Cleanrooms


Our partners at Hydroflex have just released their all NEW Cleanroom Technology Solution, the Hydroflex Black with their newly designed PURMop Black System. 


The PurMop BLACK® is the new champion of cleaning systems! How so?
You've heard about the PurMop BLACK® Performance Line, but you don't really know what the benefits are for the user? Then pay close attention, because every month we will be explaining one of the amazing features that the new carbon fiber (CFRP) mop system offers. Extremely lightweight, integrated corner cleaning, maximized surface performance, excellent ergonomics and contactless mop discard by the push a button are just some of the world-first advantages!


•      The new Black system offers greater coverage due to the flexibility of the product.
•       It is Stronger and more durable  
•       It is Lighter and easier to lift and use
•       It is more reliable
•       It has greater performance
•       It is more environmentally friendly


Contact our team to find out more about the benefits of these premium products and the impact on efficiency that they can have in your workplace.